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Travelling Halong Bay in October

on Saturday, 07 September 2013. Posted in Travel Guide

The best time to visit north of Vietnam

Travelling Halong Bay in October

Vietnam’s weather is dictated by two monsoons, but this doesn’t necessarily mean rain.  The northeast monsoon falls between the months of October and March, bringing with it damp, cooler weather for all areas north of Nha Trang, and warm, dry weather to the south.  From April or May to October, the summer monsoon brings hot, humid weather to the whole country except for those areas sheltered by mountains.

You’ll see a lot of posts telling you that one of the great things about Vietnam is that there’s never a bad time to travel.  And that’s true, no matter what your work/time constraints are, Vietnam does it’s best to accommodate travelers all year round.  However, if you’re like most people and are looking to visit more than one part of Vietnam, then you’re best bet is April, May or October.  If you’re staying down south, November to February.

October sees the end of summer in Vietnam and temperatures continue to cool.

Daytime temperatures still reach a high of 29°C so it is still an ideal time of year to visit. Evening temperatures only drop to around 22°C and it can still be fairly humid.

Light clothing such as t-shirts and shorts made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen should be worn.

There is still a chance of experiencing tropical storms during October so keep in mind that planned trips during your stay may be curtailed or cancelled. In these cases APT Travel is ready to provide alternatives to our tourists. However in good weather there is no better place to be than Ha Long Bay.

The best way to navigate your way round the approximately 3000 islands is with a boat tour. English speaking guides are also on hand to tell you more about the history and environment of the bay.

The wealth of caves and grottoes simply must be explored, such as the famous Thiên Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto), Sung Sôt (Surprise Grotto) and Ðâu G? (Driftwood Grotto).

Nature lovers should spend some time on Cat Ba Island, which contains a large national park with many species of wildlife and animal life to be seen.

Those with an interest in War history should also check out the Hospital Cave, used throughout the Vietnam War. This three storey structure contains an operating theatre and cinema and can be explored with an English speaking guide.

Accommodation around the bay varies depending on what you want. Most people opt for our Traditional junks, which is a Japanese sailing vessel, moored in the bay. What could be more perfect than waking up floating in the middle of this magnificent bay?

Cat Ba Town and Ha Long Town also have several hotels to choose from.

Choose what you prefer but what is certain that the trip to Halong Bay in October are going to love.

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