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Go kayaking in Halong Bay

on Saturday, 04 July 2015. Posted in Activities in Halong

These experiences should not miss out on Halong Bay

Go kayaking in Halong Bay

Small, long and slender as bamboo leaves glide over the water, many people said that to feel all the beauty and the grandeur of the natural marvels of Ha Long Bay, go kayaking.

Kayaking is both simple and experiential than adventurous games like parachuting, water cano. It is no coincidence that National Geographic Adventures magazine voted Halong Bay is one of 25 tourist attractions top kayak world. Therefore, brandishing a kayak paddle around the foot of Rocky Mountains to discover new emotions is one of the favorite pastimes of the majority of travelers looking to travel to Halong.

Guests will experience the feeling of surfing on the small boat to visit Luon Cave, the pearl farm, Ti Top beach ...

Before leaving the yacht The Vietbeauty cruise, stepped on the kayak, APT Travel guides will teach you specifically how to use. Each person was given a life jacket for safety. Initially unfamiliar hand, kayak move no discretion but to have mastered the oars you'll enjoy loudly by a real sense the difference when water acres immense sky.

You can take quick surf oars on the water, but in Halong, people just want to paddle slowly and leisurely watch the marvels of nature, watching sky, mountains Halong country, is wriggled into the cave dynamic, self-caressing hand stalactites, cradling the conch, shells message sparkling colors ...

The special thing of kayaking and sleep on the boat was able to experience over year. Whether winter or summer, at sunrise or sunset, choose a kayak washed over rocks to find unique turquoise colored water of Halong vary with clouds and every moment of the day. Let the boat gently threaded through the mysterious cave, anchored to the foot of rocky islands and explore the stalactites thousands of years old...

Kayaking Halong Bay

If have the opportunity to travel Halong, you should try kayaking by yourself to visit around Vung Vieng fishing village, Ti Top Island... Whether you're traveling alone or with friends, the kayaking is bringing you interesting things separate. When you brandishing paddle in the quiet, listening to the dam's fish called fishermen, somewhere a voice of birds echoed from the mountain, all worried, chaos of life melted away...

Note: When you can kayak will get wet, so wear short clothes or swimwear to paddle for comfort, can bring a camera to capture those wonderful moments that only a new kayak, but you also have to be very careful because it is easy to be exposed to water. When join in kayaking you will be equipped with life jackets so it's very safe if you cannot swim. Wish you have a happy holiday Halong and significance.

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