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Emerald Cruise

Emerald Cruise

Emerald Cruises offer daily Cruise Package 2Days/1Night from Hanoi with 2 traditional junks boats cruise to Lan Ha Bay explore private caves, kayaking, dinning on the beach. All Cabins ensuites with private bathrooms, air conditioner, traditional cuisine, perfect services! That is why Emerald Cruises is one of the most wanted Cruises in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam!

Launched on 10th June, 2017 Emerald Cruises is designed based on the Chinese legendary Emerald Cruises boat which carried goods from the North Sea to Singapore. With deluxe services, Emerald Cruises cruise will show you the way relax should be. Emerald Cruises junk is one of the most luxurious traditional cruises in Lan Ha Bay. With the harmony of its style, decoration, set - up and impressive itineraries, Emerald Cruises shows you the way relax should be.

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